OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF MARYLAND                                                                         April 2007-June 2015         

Division Chief- Environmental Crimes Unit                                                   
Manage Environmental Crimes Division and responsible for oversight of the investigation, charging, trial and appeals for suspected criminal environmental violations throughout the State, as well as maintaining an active caseload.  Active caseload includes matters involving all environmental media areas, such as hazardous material, air pollution, water pollution, as well as various other environmental areas, including white collar crime and fraud.  In my case load, I reached milestones of obtaining largest fines ordered, most felony convictions, most incarceration ordered and most community service ordered ever in the history of the division.

o   Coordinate with parallel and corresponding federal agencies, including the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Department of Justice, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

o   Work extensively and coordinate with various state agencies, including the Maryland Department of the Environment, the Department of Natural Resources, and others.  Review and detailed discussions of civil process and filings.

o   Conduct detailed review, analysis, and preparation of policy and legislative initiatives.  Position includes drafting proposed bills, monitoring, lobbying and participating in advisory groups.

o   Provide legal advice regarding compliance with laws and regulations.

o   Work with citizens to provide detailed guidance and information in environmental matters.

o   Develop educational programs for agencies and citizens and conduct training.

o   Develop enforcement and regulatory policies, which requires working with corresponding civil state agencies, as well as federal and local agencies and groups.

o   Member of the Executive Committee for the Attorney General and member of Attorney General’s Environmental Advisory Council.

o   Co-founder and/or member of task forces which involve local, state and federal participants.

o   Board of Directors and Committee Chair for the Northeast Environmental Enforcement Project.

o   Certified Mediator by the State of Maryland.



OFFICE OF THE STATE’S ATTORNEY FOR DORCHESTER COUNTY                                                    2003-2007          

State’s Attorney                                                                                                                 
Twice-elected State’s Attorney for Dorchester County, beating a 3-term incumbent.  Solely responsible for the administration and operation of the Office of the State’s Attorney, which handles all criminal matters within the county jurisdiction.  In charge of strong victim-witness program.  Handled major felony cases and worked extensively with victims and witnesses.  Responsible for coordination with various police agencies, district and circuit courts and related agencies.  Full oversight of charging, trial planning, motions practice, discovery, legal research, and courtroom appearances for caseload of all attorneys in the office.  Worked with federal, state and local investigative and prosecutorial agencies. Oversight and coordination regarding extradition, federal and local.  Maintained a full felony caseload, which included murder, sex offenses, narcotics violations, kidnapping, white collar offenses such as embezzlement, insurance/welfare/credit card/bank frauds, among others.  All felony jury trials won. 

o   Initiated leadership meetings with minority groups within the community.

o   Created a Criminal Mediation Program, the first ever on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

o   Originating and team member of Teen Drug Court.

o   Involved in variety of community, civic, business and multi-governmental meetings and groups, which brought together persons from the legal community, community organizers, faith-based ministry, educational arenas, and numerous local, regional and statewide agencies. 

o   Responsible for all oversight and coordination of victims and witnesses, including through Victim-Witness Coordinator Program.

o   First chairperson for the Child Fatality Review Team.

o   Charged, prosecuted and obtained conviction for the first ever Shaken Baby Syndrome murder case in the county. Case included the foremost defense experts. 

o   Charged, prosecuted and obtained conviction for the first ever Drug Kingpin case in the county.

o   Presented cases to Grand Jury.

o   Technology implementation.

o   Prepared, presented and independently implemented budget approaching one million dollars per year.


MICHELLE BARNES, ATTORNEY AT LAW                                                                          2002, 1989-1993

Sole Practitioner
Sole practitioner with an office in Cambridge, Maryland.  Responsible for all research, case preparation, document creation, and trial work.  Maintained a civil and criminal caseload.

o   Domestic matters, including separation, divorce, custody.

o   Estate and property matters.

o   Administrative board hearings, including arbitration.

o   Contract cases.

o   Plaintiff litigation.

o   Town Attorney for Vienna, Maryland.

o   Criminal cases, misdemeanor, felony and traffic.


OFFICE OF THE PUBLIC DEFENDER                                                


Supervising Attorney, Dorchester County, Maryland (1997-2002)

Staff Attorney, Dorchester County, Maryland (1993-1997)


Lead or solo defense attorney in criminal matters with full oversight of initial investigations, trial planning, motions practice, discovery, legal research, and courtroom appearances.  Defense attorney in many hundreds of jury trials with a significant success rate.

o   Handled serious felony docket.

o   Period of two years with 1-2 jury trials a month where all cases were won.

o   Juvenile Court specialty.

o   Sex offense cases specialty.

o   White collar cases.